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Fly Tipping Encourages Pest Infestations

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Local officials are asking the public to avoid fly tipping after a shocking report detailing the practice in the South East was released. According to that report, more than 15% of those living in the South East admit to dumping their unwanted waste wherever they find it convenient. The practice, also known as fly tipping, is both illegal and a contributing factor in pest infestations.

Although the report focused exclusively on the South East, it is reasonable to assume similar numbers would be found across England. What is most disturbing is that the survey data revealed that 30% of those who admitted to fly tipping were unaware that the practice is illegal. Ignorance has led them to dispose of all sorts of waste including appliances, garden waste, and household waste that often include food products.

Waste Attracts Pests

One of the main reasons fly tipping is illegal is that it attracts pests. Whether you are talking about rats, cockroaches, or ants, the one thing all pests have in common is their preference for easy-to-find food sources. Where food sources abound, so do pests. Fly tipping is especially attractive to rats and cockroaches because they are not fussy about what they eat.

Pest Control Berkshire agrees with local officials who are asking people to stop fly tipping immediately. In addition, we encourage our customers in Berkshire to be very careful about how rubbish is handled on their premises. Any waste can attract pests in vast numbers. Keeping your premises free of waste products is one way to deny household pests the easy food sources they are looking for.

Please bear in mind that where you see one rat or cockroach, there are likely a lot more you have not seen. Any sign of household pests on your property is cause for concern. If your observations suggest you may have an infestation of any kind, call us immediately. Pest Control Berkshire provides fast and efficient service throughout Berkshire from our base in Newbury.

Pest Control Berkshire is a member of the British Pest Control Association, Think Wildlife, and the PROMPT Professional Pest Control Register. We are the Sovereign-approved service provider for woodworm treatment in Berkshire. Our professional technicians are fully trained and certified, and our entire staff is dedicated to meeting all your pest control needs quickly and professionally. We are here to help rid your property of pests.

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