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Pest Control Services Gearing Up for New Aluminium Phosphide Rules

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Aluminium phosphides are a group of inorganic compound formulas used in pest control as rodenticides or fumigants. They are used to control everything from rats to moles to rabbits, either by mixing the chemicals with bait food or initiating a chemical reaction that produces a poisonous gas. The highly toxic nature of such chemicals has led to new regulations, which come into force on November 26 (2015). Pest Control Services is now gearing up to accommodate the changes.

For the time being farmers, land managers and pest control companies can use aluminium phosphides under basic guidelines requiring each user to be trained by an entity already licenced to purchase and use the chemicals. The new regulations go one-step further by requiring anyone who uses the chemicals to be further trained and certified according to the Plant Protection Products Regulations 2012.

In order to be certified, technicians working for companies such as Pest Control Services will have to undergo training that includes both theory and competency units. A written test will evaluate the theory component while practical exercises will prove competency. Technicians successfully completing the training will receive a City and Guilds Level 2 Award that will allow them to purchase and use aluminium phosphate products.

Rules for Safety and Effectiveness

We would be lying if we said the new regulations did not require an investment of time and financial resources on our part. However, we agree that the regulations are for the benefit of everyone. Training and certifying technicians increase safety relating to aluminium phosphide use while also making the chemicals more effective at controlling rodents, moles, and rabbits. Pest Control Services will be working to make sure all of our technicians are trained and certified prior to the November deadline.

Pest Control Services is proud to be a rodent and mole specialist working throughout Berkshire. Our mole programmes are so successful that we are known as the mole trappers in Newbury, Thatcham, Hungerford, and the rest of the county. We use multiple means of catching moles before terminating them quickly and humanely. We also offer landowners and managers training in how to control mole populations in the future.

mole trapping Berkshire

Between now and November we will receive plenty of calls from customers with mole problems. If you believe you have moles on your property, do not wait to call. The sooner you call Pest Control Services, the sooner we can have the problem under control.


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