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Can You Really Control Pests without Trapping or Pesticides?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Every now and again, we will see a news story or blog post talking about natural pest control that does not involve pesticides or trapping the animals in question. The writers of the stories usually make very good points in respect to preventing pests from getting into your home. Therefore, the question is one of whether or not these natural methods are effective once a pest invasion has begun. The answer to that question depends on the particular pest.

The difficulty with natural pest control is that, by the time you notice problems inside your home, the pests have already established themselves. For example, there is rarely just one cockroach in your kitchen. One under the sink is probably just the tip of an iceberg that can include tens of thousands of additional insects living in your walls.

The reason companies such as Pest Control Services exists is because insects, rodents and other animals that cause problems in residential and commercial buildings are very difficult to get rid of by natural means once an infestation has been identified. The only way out is usually through pesticides or trapping.

Natural Control Involves Prevention

For those who do prefer natural pest control methods, the idea is to focus on prevention. You do what is necessary around your property to make it less inviting to pests in the first place. Moreover, where pests can get in, take the steps necessary to close down access. A proactive strategy of prevention can go a long way toward keeping your home free of insects and rodents.

Right now, some of the biggest problems in UK homes involve rodents that may have been residing quietly since the start of winter. Now they are more active as they prepare to make their way back outdoors in the spring. Prevention in this case would include shutting down food sources by keeping the kitchen clean, making sure rubbish is secured and storing food in tightly sealed containers. If rodents have nothing to eat, they will have to look elsewhere.

If it is too late for you to practice prevention, it is still not too late to call Pest Control Services. We provide pest control services within a 25-mile radius of our Newbury office. This includes all of Berkshire and limited portions of Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, and Hampshire. Call us right away for discrete, same-day service.

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