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Common Household Pests | Wokingham, Caversham and Reading

Friday, October 21, 2016

When it comes to defending your home, and ensuring that it is a secure, and healthy place in which for you and your family to thrive, it's important to consider pest management.

One of the best ways to prepare yourself as a home owner in Wokingham, Caversham or Reading is to learn more about common household pests.

Recognising the most frequently spotted pests can mean that you are readily prepared when an infestation comes your way.

Common Household Pests


Ants are a significant problem in the UK, and are known for invading homes in search of moisture and food. Eliminating these pests can be difficult, because they can adapt quickly to change. Professional assistance is often required to remove an ant infestation.


Fleas are often found in Wokingham and Caversham homes with pets. While these pests generally live off a certain kind of hosts, such as rats, cats, or dogs, they can also cross over and speed on other species, leading to skin irritations, rashes, and itchiness.

3.Rats and Mice

Brown rats are the most common form of rat in the United Kingdom, and signs of infestation might include droppings, teeth marks, and frayed cables which could lead to fire hazards. In the same vein, house mice can be active all year around, and often nest within cavity walls and lofts, constantly gnawing on furniture and dropping faeces that can lead to disease.


A significant problem in Wokingham and Caversham, the term "woodworm" can refer to many types of different wood-boring beetles. Adult beetles lay their eggs within cracks in wood, such as floorboards, beams, and furniture.


Common moths can represent a significant nuisance within the average home. They often lay stick eggs on clothing, and their larvae do a lot of damage by eating carpets, clothing, and upholstery - making these pests highly destructive.

6.Bed Bugs

Despite what their name might suggest, bed bugs can often be found in various crevices and cracks around the home.

These pests feed on human blood and can be very difficult to control as they often spread quickly - that's why professional services are typically recommended to remove bed bugs from a home.

7.Wasps and Hornets

Wasps and hornets are very common in Caversham and Wokingham, building their nests close to human habitation.

These pests can be aggressive, particularly when they are aggravated - leading to painful stinging. Removing nests should always be left to the professionals.

Remember just because these are all common household pests, it does not mean it's safe for them to be around.

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