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Common Household Pests in Earley and Twyford

Friday, November 18, 2016

In beautiful country towns and rural villages like Twyford and Earley, it makes sense that the average homeowner would come into contact with a wider range of pests and unwanted visitors.

Although you might enjoy the diversity of the wildlife that you encounter outside, the chances are that you won't be as happy to see these pests visiting your home, destroying your furniture, or leaving waste around your various rooms.

The following are just some of the household pests that you might see more often if you're located in Twyford or Earley.

Bees, Wasps and Hornets

Bees are highly important to the health and wellbeing of our environment. For that reason, it's important not to terminate them if possible, particularly since they will only threaten to sting human beings when they feel as though their safety is at risk. However, some homes in Twyford or Earley may need to consider options to remove bee nests from their premises all the same.

On the other hand, unlike bees, hornets and wasps are little more than a nuisance. These flying insects don't do much for the environment, and they can be particularly frightening because of their instinctively aggressive behaviour and painful stinging pattern.

Moths and Flies

Moths and flies are often found all across the UK, including in Earley and Twyford. While most flies are more of an annoyance than a serious problem, moths can harm textiles, furniture, and vegetation. What's more, certain flies can carry disease.

The Major Household Pests Are Mice and Rats

Both mice and rats can be a significant problem for the people of Earley and Twyford. These household pests are discovered most commonly in areas that provide cover from the unpredictable British weather, as well as plenty of access to water and food.

Although many people find rats to be more frightening than mice, it's important to recognise that both forms of rodent can carry disease and pose a serious health risk to homeowners throughout the country.

Beetles, Cockroaches, and Woodworm

Beetles can cause severe damage to properties, structures, and furniture. When they burrow into a piece of wood, beetles can lay larvae which become known as woodworm.

If woodworm is not treat by a professional pest control service during the early stages of the infestation, this problem can lead to significant structural damage that weakens the timber supporting a property.

Though beetles are dangerous because of the structural damage that they cause, the cockroaches that can be found throughout certain areas in Twyford and Earley can represent a significant health risk because of the disease and germs they carry.

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