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Cluster Fly Makes Its Annual Spring Debut

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The loft space hibernation is complete and so we have started dealing with the spring emergence of Cluster Flies.  These are the flies that typically gather in the top floor, south facing windows of homes, offices and commercial buildings. They cause alarm by their sheer numbers and audible presence.

cluster flies
There are a number of flies that get grouped under cluster fly name – Window Flies, (Small and black and looks like a baby crane fly) Yellow Swarming Flies, (2-3mm long with yellowish abdomen and larger rounded wings) Green Cluster Fly (looks like green bottle fly, frequently found in mixed fly groups) The Autumn Fly (looks like a house fly)and the Cluster Fly itself (10mm in length, very ‘buzzy’ and found in significant grouped quantities).

Control of all these flies is achieved through various methods but regrettably none are permanent. As the image shows the aftermath of our work shows how many flies are contained within the roof space – on this occasion it was yellow swarming flies. We complete a very effective control treatment that dramatically reduces the number of flies entering the property. It is single attendance typically undertaken in the spring and autumn.

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