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Carpet Beetles: Outdoor Saviour, Indoor Pest

Thursday, July 17, 2014

There are numerous species of beetles that cause property damage. One of the most common is the carpet beetle. These little creatures are active year-round, feeding on plant and animal proteins. They are more noticeable during the summer months as they prefer warm temperatures and dry air.

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When carpet beetles are contained to the outdoors, they are saviours of sorts. They prowl around the garden scavenging for dead insects and rotting foliage to feast upon. Indoors, however, the carpet beetle can become an incredibly annoying and damaging pest.

Carpet Beetle Basics

The carpet beetle's name comes from a period in history when they were first recognised as a household pest. In the days of wool fibre carpets, the beetles would infest homes where they could feed on the sumptuous buffet disguised as a floor covering. And even though wool carpets are less common these days, there are plenty of other items in the home the beetles are happy to eat.

Attics and lofts are common places to find carpet beetle infestations. Between the warm temperatures and plentiful food sources, you could find yourself completely inundated within a short amount of time. They are happy to eat your clothing, the upholstery on your furniture, your curtains, and anything else made with plant materials.

Controlling Carpet Beetles

As destructive as carpet beetles can be, they can be controlled. The key is to hire a pest control company at the first sign of a beetle infestation. Some of those signs include:

• large, unexplained holes in carpet
• slit-like damage to clothing, curtains, and upholstery
• dry, translucent skins left behind by pupated larvae.

The difficult thing about carpet beetles is that it may take a pest control company some time to completely eradicate them from your home. You will need to be patient over the course of several treatments to see complete success.

In the meantime, fabrics that might be attractive to the beetles should be dry cleaned and stored in airtight plastic containers where feasible. Have your upholstery professionally cleaned to remove any odours that might attract the beetles. And of course, be careful about checking yourself before entering the house to make sure you are not carrying more inside.

Pest Control Services can help with your carpet beetle problem in the greater Newbury area. Our service area also covers all of Berkshire and the surrounding counties of south-central England.

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