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Friday, June 08, 2018

Have you ever noticed that wasps have the uncanny ability to show up just when you don't want them to? It's all about food, according to the experts. We will explain how it all works in this post. In the meantime, we invite you to call us for wasp nest removal in Reading or anywhere else in the Control Services coverage area.

We have been providing effective wasp nest removal to residents in Reading, Andover, Didcot, and many other areas for years. We are specialists more than capable of safely removing a nest from your property. With that said, let's get to the science behind how and why wasps tend to congregate.

Wasps Are Great Gatherers

Aside from building and maintaining nests, the next most common reason wasps congregate in large numbers is to gather food. And as the experts explain, they are very good at doing so. Scientists have recently discovered that a unique behaviour once thought to be a sign of hunger is actually a way for wasps to communicate the availability of food and the quality of that food.

A team of researchers from LaGuardia Community College in New York say they have discovered how wasps communicate about food using their own stomachs. Apparently, the insects beat their stomachs, similar to beating a drum, to communicate that food has been found. The researchers also claim that wasps use different drumming patterns to indicate food volume and quality.

This suggests that one wasp coming upon a good source of food will alert others to follow. Perhaps that's why wasps always seem to show up at a picnic, according to the Daily Mail. That certainly would explain how you could be enjoying a wasp-free environment until you pull a piece of fruit out of your bag, at which time there seem to be wasps all over the place.

Be Cautious Around Wasps

Unlike honeybees, insects that are largely harmless to humans, wasps can be aggressive and potentially dangerous. We always urge caution around them. As pest control experts, we also recommend against trying to remove a wasp's nest by yourself. Stay away from over-the-counter pesticides as well. They can anger wasps without being very effective at eliminating them.

As a specialist in pest control in Reading, we are at your disposal. Please do not hesitate to contact us for wasp nest removal on your premises. We will dispatch an expert technician to handle the problem right away.

Please note that we have the tools and training to safely remove a wasp's nest and immediately destroy it. We do so in ways that are friendly to both your property and the environment in general. If you are having a problem with bees, please contact us for that as well. We do our best to move bee hives to a safe location rather than destroying them. We wouldn't want you to harm a delicate hive by trying to handle it on your own.


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