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Monday, February 22, 2016

As the wet winter weather continues we are very busy with requests from clients across Berkshire to deal with mole issues on their land.
Whilst some are in paddocks and fields, most are in private gardens, slowly destroying lawns.

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Moles are carnivores and eat only earthworms and grubs found beneath the surface of the soil, although they do not consume any vegetation their tunnelling will undermine small or young plants including grass, often leaving root systems floating in mid-air in the mole's tunnel system. Plants often dry out and die even through a wet spell as roots are not in soil.

Through the drier summer months moles stick to their natural woodland habitat and tend not to bother too many people. However as the ground becomes wetter through winter there are more earthworms to be found under lawns and so the mole follows its dinner.

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Whilst digging an impressive tunnel network moles push up significant quantities of soil into "mole hills" making the area unsightly from above whilst causing unseen damage below. Where moles are active for longer periods tunnels can collapse leaving a very uneven lawn. This effect is particularly troublesome for farmers and horse owners with the potential for injury if any animal loses its footing because of collapsed ground.

At Pest Control Berkshire we are very experienced in dealing with moles in all sorts of settings from private gardens to golf courses. 

To discuss moles or any other pest issues please call us on 01635 250852

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