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Bee Swarms: Don't Panic, Call Pest Control Berkshire

Monday, June 29, 2015

This is the time of year when bees, if they are going to swarm, do so. At Pest Control Berkshire, we get quite a few calls during May, June and July to deal with bee swarms. Our advice to anyone who encounters swarming bees is to not panic. Bees will usually not hurt anyone as long as they are not threatened, and they will dissipate in time on their own. If they do become a problem, let us handle it for you.

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A case in point from Newcastle (Staffs) illustrates how to handle a bee swarm correctly. According to the Stoke Sentinel, a mother of two children with impaired hearing noticed a larger than normal volume of bees in and around her chimney a few weeks ago. They seemed to move to a nearby tree after outgrowing the chimney space, but the colony only continued to grow. Eventually, they began making their way into the house to the point of being a nuisance.

The mother was understandably concerned because her hearing-impaired sons might inadvertently anger the bees, not knowing they were around. However, she did not aggressively attack the bees with an over-the-counter insecticide. (Never do this!) Instead, she called in pest control who used an experienced beekeeper to remove the colony safely.

Preservation of Bees - Not Destruction

Bees have a bad reputation because of Hollywood, not because it has been earned. Companies such as Pest Control Berkshire know that bees are rarely aggressive - even when they swarm. We also know that declining bee populations dictate it is better to preserve colonies rather than destroy them. That is why we prefer to remove the insects when we are called in to deal with a swarm.

If bees do swarm, it is usually the result of a queen looking for a new location to build a nest. We can simply relocate a bee colony and its queen to a safer location without harming any of the bees. In so doing, we help to keep bee populations intact while also removing them carefully and safely from residential premises.

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