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Bee Populations Rebounding - Let's Keep Things Going

Monday, May 11, 2015

Honeybee populations in Europe and North America have been decimated for the better part of the last 10 to 15 years. There is plenty of speculation as to why, including everything from the use of certain types of insecticides to a lack of genetic diversity. One thing we do know is that the populations are beginning to rebound in Europe thanks, in part, to a two-year moratorium placed on certain kinds of insecticides believed to affect them via plant pollen. Now that they are rebounding let us keep things going by being careful how we handle these valuable insects.

Despite the unwarranted fear surrounding bees, these insects are vital to agriculture, natural pollination and the control of other kinds of insects. When there are not enough bees around to do what nature intended, many other facets of our natural world are negatively affected. We need to ensure healthy bee populations wherever, and whenever, possible. To that end, Pest Control Berkshire will only terminate an active bee nest if we believe it poses a significant danger to human health or property.

What many people do not understand is that honeybees are vastly different to wasps, hornets, and bumblebees. They are very docile creatures that are not likely to swarm for the purposes of attack unless extremely agitated. In fact, large-scale honeybee attacks against humans are extremely rare.

When honeybees do swarm, it is usually in the springtime and directly related to mating or the movement of a queen. Most of the time, a swarm can be left alone without any adverse effects. It will dissipate within a couple of hours.

Call Us with Concerns

Pest Control Berkshire offers bee service throughout Berkshire, including in towns such as Hungerford and Thatcham. We invite you to call our Newbury office if you have any concerns about bees on your property. We would be happy to take a look and offer our assessment based on observation and years of experience. In the event that someone in your household has bee allergies, or there is some other concern regarding your health, we can treat the bees in a manner that does as little harm as possible.

Honeybees are essential to the proper balance of most ecosystems. Their populations are rebounding, so let us do what we can to make sure it continues. A world without bees would be a very different world.

In case of doubt, please call us on 01635 250 852 - we're here to help.

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