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Bedbugs: a Pest You Can Definitely Live without

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Get Reading recently interviewed a young mother from Southcote after an investigation into her son's rash turned up a bedbug infestation in her flat. The mother, already concerned about the effect of the bedbugs on her son, worries that things could be even worse when her second child arrives in a couple of months. It is not a good situation.

Meanwhile, a journalist covering the World Cup for The Mirror woke up in his Brazil hotel room one morning only to discover he had been playing host to a legion of bedbugs. His complaints to the hotel management were somewhat successful, and he went on to continue working his assignment.


The fact is that bedbugs are a pest found throughout the world. They are annoying, difficult to deal with and incredibly prolific. So much so that successfully dealing with a bedbug infestation takes the knowledge and experience of a professional. Otherwise, you may never get rid of the tiny, blood-sucking creatures.

Signs of Infestation

Bedbugs are parasitic creatures that feed almost exclusively on blood. Unfortunately, they prefer human blood to other animals. They get their name from the fact that residential infestations are usually related to mattresses, linens, and other bedding materials.

A person in the throes of a bedbug infestation will notice some of the following signs:

frequently waking in the morning to find red, itchy bites on the skin
the appearance of small red dots on mattresses, bed frames and skirting
the appearance of small, brown insects in sheets and blankets.

Unfortunately, bedbugs are very difficult to get rid of on your own. They are resistant to some insecticides, so it is not a matter of going down to your local supermarket and picking up a can of insecticide. Bedbugs require experienced, professional pest control technicians.

a picture of a bedbug
[Image courtesy of CDC/ Harvard University]

Pest Control Services provides expert pest elimination for bedbug infestations. Not only do we service Berkshire, we also cover Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, and Wiltshire. Our one-hour response time means you will quickly have a technician in your home, aggressively eradicating the bedbug infestation that is making your life miserable. Depending on the severity of the infestation, you may have to evacuate your home for four hours or longer.

For all of your pest control needs, please contact us at Pest Control Services in Newbury. We handle all sorts of pests including wasps, hornets, beans, grey squirrels, fleas, moles, rats, and mice. We are the pest elimination experts you can trust. 

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