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Be Careful on Holidays - Bed Bugs do Travel

Friday, November 28, 2014

There has been a resurgence of bed bugs in the UK over the last couple of years. Pest specialists speculate that some of it may be due to increased international travel brought about by the recovering economy. At any rate, the key to understanding these little creatures is to understand how resilient they are.

bed bugs

Bed bugs get their name from the fact that they can often be found in bedding. They are blood-consuming parasites living off human and animal hosts, staying fairly close to their food sources in the absence of an ability to fly. However, a lack of flying capability does not mean bed bugs do not travel. Indeed, they do. They travel in clothing and luggage.

It is entirely possible to book a hotel room infested with bed bug nymphs, without either you or the hotel knowing the threat exists. All it takes is a small number of the bugs to make their way into your clothing or luggage to bring them back home with you, where they will spread out and overtake your home.

Nymphs can shed their skins up to five times before reaching maturity. Under the right conditions, that could mean full maturity within a month and reproduction of up to three times per year. Making matters worse is the fact that a female can lay 100 eggs or more in her lifetime. The eggs are so small they are barely discernible with the naked eye. It does not take much for them to spread.

What You Should Do

In order to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you when you travel, be sure to thoroughly investigate the hotel or other accommodation you may use. Tour operators can usually handle this for you as part of their service. If you are booking holidays on your own, you may have to dig around to find bed bug information.

If you are unfortunate enough to fall victim to bed bugs, do not try to get rid of them on your own. They are incredibly prolific if nothing else. Instead, call Pest Control Services in Newbury. We have years of experience dealing with bed bugs in Thatcham, Hungerford, and the rest of Berkshire.

When you call us, we promise to be discreet in all of our dealings. Furthermore, we will ruthlessly go after the bed bugs until they are completely eradicated. You have our word on that.

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