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Autumn Invites the Cluster Fly In

Friday, October 13, 2017

Thoughts of autumn's cooler temperatures and shorter days can be comforting to homeowners who struggle with insect pests like wasps and hornets. Unknown to many of them is the cluster fly, another annoying pest that does not tend to make its presence known until late autumn or early winter. Now is the time to start thinking about cluster flies if you have had problems with them in the past.

As experts in pest control in Reading, Berkshire, Wiltshire, and other local areas, we handle our fair share of cluster fly jobs. The good news about cluster flies is that they don't tend to transmit disease because they do not lay their eggs where humans are likely come in contact with them. The bad news is that these insects are tremendously prolific. Their ability to breed in large numbers is one of the reasons we recommend professional pest control for cluster fly infestations.

About the Cluster Fly

The cluster fly, also known as the attic fly, is represented in the UK by eight distinct species. For purposes of controlling them, the specific species does not matter to us. What is most important is that we understand how these flies behave.

Cluster flies lay their eggs near earthworm burrows in the spring. Larvae eventually infest the worms and feed on them to fuel their growth to maturity. When adult flies finally emerge in late summer or early autumn, they begin looking for places to hibernate for the winter. Our homes make the perfect spot.

Cluster flies prefer inaccessible spaces like wall cavities, roof recesses, ventilation ducts, window and door cavities, and so forth. They also don't come out much once temperatures cool down, so you could have an infestation and never see but one or two flies during the autumn. When spring arrives though, the flies can be a terrible nuisance. They can also be rather annoying on warm winter days when they may be stimulated to move around a bit.

Call Control Services

It has been our experience that cluster fly infestations can easily cause alarm among children as well as adults who don't do well with insects. They do not pose a health risk, but you should still call Pest Control Berkshire to come and take care of them for you.

Our service offers prompt and effective fly clearance conducted by trained and qualified professionals. We have been in business for more than two decades, and we are BRB-cleared to undertake work in restricted environments. If you don't feel as though you need a visit from one of our technicians, we are happy to provide free, no obligation advice by phone or e-mail.

Remember, the cooler temperatures and shorter days of autumn are an invitation to cluster flies looking for their winter hibernation spaces. If you have had trouble with these flies in the past, now is the time to contact Pest Control Berkshire for help and advice. We don't want you to have a fly problem again this year.

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