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Ant Removal - How to get rid of ants from your kitchen

Friday, May 20, 2016

If you have ants in your kitchen they are probably looking for food. The species that usually invades houses is the common Black Garden Ant. They are 3mm to 5mm in length and they are attracted to sweet foodstuffs including sugary drinks and crumbs.

The problem with ants and our homes is that a couple of ants can quickly turn into a significant infestation. Ants are very clever creatures - they can enter cupboards and appliances and they can penetrate stored and sealed foodstuffs. Some people can also have a nasty allergic reaction to ants, so getting rid of them is important.

Why are ants attracted to my kitchen?

When an ant finds a food source, it will release a pheromone which alerts other ants. Once this pheromone has been released, other ants will follow the scent. This is how infestations begin. An ant may also release a pheromone if it finds water or shelter or indeed anything that is of value to the colony. Ants also communicate through sound and touch.

Ant Removal from a kitchen

It is unfortunately not possible to always humanely remove ants from a kitchen. In most situations, any ants found within the kitchen must be destroyed. For this, you can use any off-the-shelf insecticide. Insecticide will kill ants almost immediately. We do recommend an organic pest controller, however, such as those that use natural plant and fish oils, or you can make your own using tea tree oil and peppermint oil.

Of course, killing the ants in your kitchen is not a comprehensive solution - you need to stop them from coming back too. Unfortunately, the only way to do this once and for all is to eliminate the nest. This means killing an entire colony - which can have over a million ants - so if you are not up for this, then you should contact an ant pest controller in Reading.

We also recommend that you find the entry points to your home that ants are using and plug them. The most effective way of doing this is with expandable foam if possible, because this will get into all the nooks and crannies that ants use. We also recommend spraying your doors and windows with peppermint oil which is a fantastic natural deterrent to all insects.

For professional ant removal in and around the Reading area contact Pest Control Berkshire.

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