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A Cost Effective and Efficient Pest Control Service

Friday, February 17, 2017

Ask any professional pest control service provider what their workload consists of in the spring and early summer and it's highly likely that rat removal services and wasp removal are at the top of their lists.

Spring brings the breeding season. With renewed energy and the survival of a colony as motivating forces, rodents, bees, wasps and numerous other critters set to work. However, they don't always choose the best places are far as humans are concerned.

It's ironic that when a pest builds their home in your home or business premises it's for the same reasons as their human counterparts.

  • Safe.
  • Quiet.
  • Ready sources of food.
  • Comfortable.
  • Home furnishings are available.
  • The outside world (predators) don't know they're there.

If you are very helpful by leaving the damage to a property unaddressed, like a hole or fallen guttering, and distribute crumbs and food stock from the worktops and kitchen cupboards, pests think they are in a 5* location. Why would they leave?

Our pest control service is available to a number of areas including: Berkshire, Hamphire and Surrey.

Understand The Pest Control Service First

We urge you to call when you find a rat, mouse, bee or wasp infestation because we know the best and timely methods to use and are cost effective. You will also find our access to licensed treatments that the public cannot obtain will be invaluable and its important to know that one approach does not fit all cases or pests so we have a bank of knowledge to find the right approach.

Wasp Removal - No Buzz Killing

Did you know that wasps, hornets and bees are vital to the ecosystem?

Without their cross pollination and pest killing skills our farmers and horticulturists would be at crisis point, it would cost billions to correct. These flying pests are relocated to a more suitable spot and are rarely killed. Wasp removal should be handled by experts. We have heard tales of untrained and unwise people trying to burn nests using petrol and pouring boiling water over bees. Please don't place yourself in danger. Qualified experts exist because and we know what to do and that what we do is safe.

Rat Removal Services - Box Clever

Rat removal services call for a different approach.

Rats may have moved in to breed or they spent the winter hibernating and have now woken up. When they start breeding you'll have an expanding family to deal with. The sooner that you call on our pest control service, the better.

Please don't touch dead rats or try to eradicate an infestation with over the counter treatments. Rats carry bacteria which could prove harmful to you whilst DIY treatments don't cause some rats any ill effects.

The Licensed Pest Controller Products Work

Rodents are clever and they have excellent memories to add to their overriding sense of loyalty to their friends and family. Just because you wish them to eat poison and keel over, that doesn't mean it will happen, any more than politely asking them to leave will see them traipsing out of the property, suitcases packed.

Rat removal services are sophisticated, they draw on professional training and experience.

Whoever and whatever your unwanted guest is, trust the experts and contact us to discuss a suitable pest control service.

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