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4 Ways to Get Rid of Rats

Friday, August 04, 2017

If you have observed rats running around your property this summer, it is likely that there is an infestation somewhere nearby. Dealing with an infestation involves more than putting out poison and hoping for the best. You see, rats are very intelligent creatures that quickly learn how to avoid the measures taken to control them. That is why we recommend contacting Pest Control Berkshire so that we can get rid of the rats for you.

For your general knowledge, there are four primary ways to get rid of rats:

1.Destroying Them - Destroying rat populations is the method most of us are familiar with. It involves laying down poison in strategic locations with the expectation that the rodents will eat it and eventually die. Another option, though rarely used, is to electrocute rats.

2.Trapping Them - When rats exist on a property in relatively small numbers, they can be trapped and then disposed of off-site. Trapped rats are unlikely to be relocated due to their prolific nature and destructive tendencies.

3.Habitat Modification - Some rat populations can be controlled by modifying their habitat. For example, removing easily accessible food sources can sometimes encourage rats to pick up and go elsewhere.

4.Exclusion Tactics - Finally, getting rid of rats from inside a building may require exclusion tactics that prevent re-entry. In layman's terms, an exclusion tactic is simply some sort of measure that prevents rats from getting back in after they have left.

We recommend against trying to deal with rats on your own using over-the-counter poison. Many retail poisons are no longer effective because local rat populations have become resistant to them. You're better off letting Pest Control Berkshire come in to handle the problem for you.

How We Control Rats

Pest Control Berkshire uses a variety of means to get rid of rats and control future populations. We don't utilise a one-size-fits-all solution because every rat problem is different. When you call us for service in Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, etc., the first order of business will be to evaluate your property and assess the severity of the problem.

We may decide that poisoning is the best way to go. Alternatively, we may attempt a combination of poisoning and trapping. It is very likely that we will offer some prevention recommendations as well, like removing food sources, closing holes that provide rats access to your home/building, and cleaning up the garden/yard. Our work will be made that much easier if you act on our recommendations.

One last thing we want to address is the fact that rats do not hibernate. The reason they are seen more frequently during the winter months is because they move closer to homes and other structures in search of food and shelter. We mention this because rats are less likely to be observed during the summer. If you are seeing them on your property now, you probably have a problem requiring professional help. Pest Control Berkshire is here to provide that assistance.

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