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Car fails MOT because rat has eaten through brake cables in Reading

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Reading householders asked to remove food sources to help curb rat problem

A recent BBC article outlined just how serious rat problems can become. The rats, thought to be escaping from the sewers in search of richer pickings on the pavements and in gardens, are causing much unrest in the Anstey Road, Baker Street and Howard Street areas of Reading. The area is extremely close to the town centre lying just between the busy Oxford Road and Castle Hill.

The report suggests that local residents' homes are being "plagued by a massive infestation of rats" and local residents are being asked to help to control the problem.

It's thought the rats are being attracted to bird feed and food at night time and are leaving their normal abode of Reading's sewers in search of better quality food. Residents can help by keeping refuse in tightly sealed containers and not putting out nuts and other bird foods which the rats appear to be feeding off. 

Thames Water have been tasked with trying to seal up drains and sewers in an attempt to control the problem. Reading Borough Council officials are said to be working closely with Thames Water to carry out a thorough baiting programme in the Baker Road area of Reading.

There have been frequent reports of rats taking to car engines as a place to nest and one report that a vehicle actually failed its MOT due to rats having gnawed through the brake cables.

Reading is, of course, not alone and many urban areas are suffering from serious rat infestations. Recently New York had its own share of rat problems and there were concerns this might even affect tourism to The Big Apple. But rats are not just urban-dwellers: the old saying that you are never more 10 feet from a rat is probably not far off.

Many of us have a natural aversion to rats as we associate them with filth and disease. The thought of having them in one's home is naturally quite abhorrent to most of us.

We've been dealing with rats for years and years. We know, for example, that most rat bait that can be bought without a licence is useless; the rats have already developed an immunity to the poison. To control and treat rat problems properly it takes a licensed and experienced pest control officer who will have access to the strongest (and most humane) poisons available on the market today.

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